The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook Put Under the Scope

The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook has been out now for a short time of maybe two months, and I have used a recipe out of it since I bought it about a week after it came out. All of the recipes are so good and healthy at the same time. It is rare that you can actually cook food that tastes amazing, and is healthy for you. The Healthy Urban Kitchen cookbook is not a diet book. People have used it to lose weight, but it is not structured as a diet. This is the power of what whole food nutrition is. You can lose weight without eating foods that you do not enjoy.

The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook explains different foods that are used in the recipes. If you are new to holistic health or even a veteran that knows a lot about different foods you can learn something new. It explains the foods in basic ways and how they can be used. The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook also gives tons of tips on how to shop for health, eat for health, and what you should avoid when trying to stay healthy.It has some great recipes for people on the go. Most of the recipes are fast and easy. If they are not fast enough they have a great healthy protein shake recipe session.

The Foods

The recipes in the The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook are finally in the book after all of the other information I mentioned before and they are broken into these categories, snacks and appetizers, veggies sides and salads, eggs and omelets, sauces marinades and condiments, poultry, pork, lamb and game, beef, fish, and finally deserts and comfort foods.Their is a lot of variety in this book, and a lot of healthy cookbooks lack that aspect. The comfort foods in this cookbook are great. They are much healthier versions of foods like nachos. So when it comes down to you cheating, you can at least have some damage control.

Customer Service

Antonio has actually turned The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook into a fat loss plan. Since I have purchased The Healthy Urban Kitchen Cookbook he has had two teleseminars were he talked about losing fat, and has had one question and answer session about the book. As you can see Antonio really cares about the results his customers receive. He is extremely knowledgeable and trust worthy.